PCRX by PureCannaceutical

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PCRX by PureCannaceutical is 100% THC-Free line of Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil Products designed for Healthcare Professionals and Patients alike. PCRX was developed utilizing our line of Highly-Accredited PCX Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products and added 99% Pure Cannabidiol {CBD} and 99% Pure Cannabigerol {CBG} to guarantee Consistent Doseage and Results in this Formulation. For more information on CBG and its properties click here. Our PCRX line also features a Printed and Calibrated dropper and Easy-To-Read labeling makes accurate doseage a quick and easy process. Our Zero-THC guarantee along with physician backed doseage guidelines make PCRX the preferred choice for Providers and Patients searching for maximum benefits without the risk of psycho-active effects caused by THC. Please visit our PRODUCT CATALOG for more information on individual products in the PCRX line up!

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